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Self Care as Lockdown Eases


Take some time to relax today.

After all the excitement about the easing of lockdown and making plans to see much missed loved ones, you may be feeling a bit anxious. A sense of overwhelm may be beginning as we enter another period of change and uncertainty and our bubbles of home and family life start to change. Be kind to yourself and take a moment or two to relax. Take time to remember a few of the things that you have learnt in lockdown; maybe something about yourself, some new hobbies and interests or things that won’t be doing once lockdown is over, don’t feel the rush to quickly return to past ways and habits.

A few things you might like to try today to help you relax 

1. read a magazine or book
2. practise yoga
3. go for a run or walk in nature
4. have a cup of chamomile tea
5. meditate
6. have a relaxing bath
7. ask the family to clean the house
8. write a letter
9. talk to a loved one on the phone

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